Repairable Types Of Windshield Damage

Repairable Types Of Windshield Damage

Repairable Types Of Windshield Damage

16 September 2022
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When you face windshield damage, one thought that first comes into mind is whether you need a windshield replacement or repair. Windshield repair is cheaper, but not all cracks are repairable. As a result, your technician is better positioned to assess the damage and determine the next course of action.

First, explore the assessment factors, then read on to discover the type of repairable damage.

Factors That Determine Whether you Need Windshield Repair

Generally, the factors determining whether a windshield repair would be ideal are the size, location, and type of damage.

Size and Depth

Usually, your technician repairs chips whose diameters are less than a quarter. Cracks less than the length of a $5 bill are also repairable. However, if the size exceeds the mentioned options, you must get a windshield replacement.


Cracks and chips that lie directly along the driver's line of sight are challenging to repair. Even after the windshield repair, unevenness or discoloration can reduce your visibility through the auto glass. Such a situation compromises your safety on the road, so a windshield replacement is the better option.

Type of Damage

Windshield cracks and chips come in all sizes and shapes, with names assigned to each. If the damage is tiny enough to be covered with a quarter, you can opt for windshield repair. But, a windshield replacement would be better if you have more than one crack in your vehicle's auto glass.

Types of Repairable Damages

As discussed below, you can solve tiny and less pronounced damages with windscreen repairs.

Floater Cracks

Floater cracks start in the middle of your windshield and come in different shapes. Often, sudden temperature fluctuations are the reason behind floater cracks. If you notice a crack at the center of your windshield, immediate windshield repair can save your windshield before the cracks extend to the edges. Otherwise, you will need a windshield replacement.


Windscreen chips are small cracks with a minimal point of impact. The chips usually happen when pieces of flying rock or debris hit your glass. Chips are repairable as long as cracks don't extend from the chips. A repairable chip should also have a small diameter and shouldn't penetrate the glass all the way.

Star Break

As the name indicates, star breaks have a shape like a starburst on your windshield. Star breaks usually have cracks of different lengths from the point of impact. The gaps can spread quickly and weaken your windshield, but prompt windshield repair can save you from the costs of a windshield replacement.


Bullseye is a smaller circle surrounded by a larger circle. More extensive than a chip, a bullseye occurs when rock and debris hit your windshield at high speed and great force. You can resolve the bullseye with a windshield repair based on the size of the damage.


Whereas small cracks and chips are repairable, how long you take to seek professional help also plays a significant role. If you delay the windshield repair, the damage spreads the damage to other areas. On the other hand, extensive chips and cracks usually cancel out the possibility of windshield repair, and your mobile auto repair expert will recommend a windshield replacement. For more information on windshield glass replacement, contact a professional near you.

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